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CHAPTER V: Israeli Transgressions against Palestinian Sports (Football in particular) : A new FIFA Task Force chaired by a GLOBAL WATCH Figure.

CHAPTER V: Israeli Transgressions against Palestinian Sports (Football in particular) : A new FIFA Task Force chaired by a GLOBAL WATCH Figure:

Will it work this time around?

(P:S: intro being written. coming soon)

  • On Wednesday August 13, 2014 at 3:30 a.m, an Israeli occupation force arrested Waheeb Nimer Jamil 'Alqam29 years old, holder of ID# (850339052), and a football player of Beit Ummar Football club. The Israeli occupation forces surrounded Waheeb's house in Beit Ummar village, south of Palestine, and arrested him under the pretext of throwing stones at Israeli occupation troops. A trial was scheduled for Easa on March 9, 2015. It was later postponed until March, 22, 2015.

  • On Wednesday September 2, 2015, at around 16h00,  an  Israeli intelligence Force arrested footballer Omar ramzi Omar za`anin  ,15 years old, and holder of ID #(211598453 ). Omar is the goalkeeper of the Palestine U16 national team, and was arrested in the old city of Jerusalem, in the vicinity of "Bab Al-Sahera". He was then transferred to the detention center of Al-Masqubiyah (Russian Compound).

    This was the 7th time Omar got arrested. He was charged with "inciting to violence in Al-Aqsa" before he was released at 2h00 the following day and sentenced to be "denied entry to Al-Aqsa Mosque for two successive months, with 6 months if he failed to carry out the sentence".(018)

  • On Friday  September 4 ,2015 at around 9:00 p.m., A group of Israelis settlers (estimated at 5 people, according to eye witnesses), attacked referees Abdel Noor Mohammed Abdel Jabber Khaled, 52  years old, citizen of Jayyous, and holder of ID #(997405352); and Rashid Ismail Mahmoud Radwan, 49 years old, citizen of Azzun, and holder of ID #(964390058). The attack took place near the settlement of “Carneh Shomron”, near the city of Tulkarm, while both referees were driving back from a 1st division match in which they had officiated in Al- Fara’a. 
       The settlers attacked the vehicle with stones and iron pipes, seriously                endangering the lives of its passengers. The stones and popes shattered            the front windshield, and front mirrors, which in turn led to the injury of            referee Rashid Radwan, who was hit by the glass shrapnel. (037)

  • On Wednesday, September 30, 2015, at around 4:00, an Israeli Occupation Army Force arrested Mustafa Abdellatif Mohammed Dar Tahir, 17 years old, holder of ID NO. # (402672893), and player of the U19 National team. The Israeli force (composed of three military jeeps and a large van, according to witnesses) surrounded Mustafa’s house in the city of Al-Bireh. The force, led by an officer who identified himself as Captain Yahia, broke into the house, vandalizing its contents, before they handcuffed and blindfolded Mustafa, then placed him under arrest. The Israeli Captain said the charges were “throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at the Israeli army troops”. Mustafa is now detained at Al- Jalama prison (Jenin), pending trial on Thursday (10.15.2015). (035)

  • On 8 October 2015, the Palestinian Olympic team was heading back to Palestine from Qatar after participating in the WAFF Qualifiers, via Al-Karamah crossing (King Hussein bridge).   At around 19h30 the team (24 players and 8 Officials) arrived at the border. Procedures took about an hour and the team checked out safe for the team striker Mahmoud Wadi, a resident of Gaza, who was asked,at around 20h30, to sit aside. 

    Islam Abu Mukaddam, the team Manager,  remained in the hall waiting for the player while the rest of the team cleared customs and waited outside. The Civil Ministry and DCO were informed but nothing happened. The team waited until 23h00, when Islam asked them to leave and said he will wait with the Mahmoud.

    Having been sitting so long waiting with the player, Islam was approached by armed security personnel in civilian clothes, (there were 5 of them around). One of them, a tall man wearing a sport shirt and jeans, told him he has to leave the hall and check out customs, and that he cannot wait inside. Islam tried to tell him he is waiting with his player who does not know whether he will be allowed to enter and not, and that -as manager of the team- he cannot leave without being certain of the well being of his player or whether he needed anything. The tall security guy was shouting and did not want to listen while Islam was asking him to just listen to him. He slapped him across the face then the other 4 came. The tall guy shoved him, and the group sent his bag through the scan machine and to the customs hall.  One bald guy wearing a golden chain around his neck came about. Islam says this guy looked as the one in charge so he tried to talk with him to no avail. Islam just wanted to give his player phone numbers and some money in case he was returned to Jordan.

    At around 11:20 an army officer approached Islam, as the writer of this blog was speaking with him on the phone, and asked him what happened, and he reported what he has told the writer minutes before. He was then informed that Mahmoud Wadi was denied entry and that he had to go back to Jordan.

  • On Monday, October, 12, 2015, at around 5:00, an Israeli Armed Police Force arrested player Mohammed Khalil Saeed Sarhan, 19 years old. The Israeli force, (estimated at 20 soldiers by eye witnesses) surrounded Mohammad’s house in Al-Thawri neigbourhood in east Jerusalem and arrested him under the pretext of “throwing stones and damaging Jewish vehicles”. The force took Mohammad for interrogation at Dahiyat Al-Barid Centre and informed him he will be summoned “should he carry out any acts against Israel” and that he “will be then arrested and fined an estimated value of (50000) NIS”. Mohammad was later released on the same day at 18h00. (036)

  • On 13 October, 2015 , former Palestine National Women's Team player Hamama Jamil Jorban was arrested by the Israeli authorities in her hometown of Jesr Al-Zarqa. She was interrogated about some facebook posts she made protesting racism and Israeli atrocities in Al-Aqsa. She was released later on the same day.

  • On Wednesday, October 14, 2015 at around 10:00 a.m , a “Captain Ravi” of Israeli  intelligence, contacted Mr. Hamdi  Baker Ibrahim, resident of Qalandia refugee camp, via telephone, and informed him to bring his son, the National team equipment manager Ibrahim Hamdi  Baker Ibrahim,  holder of ID# (860 086 305), 21 years old,  to the Ofer military camp for interrogation. The said Captain said Ibrahim will be questioned and then released. Ibrahim did as he was asked, but he was, nonetheless, arrested when he went to Ofer, allegedly on charges of "acts of terrorism against the State of Israel". He was put to trial on Nov 18,     2015, which was postponed to Nov 26, 2015. The court acquitted Ibrahim and fined him 3,000 NIS. Though the Israeli prosecutor appealed the decision, Ibrahim was released one week after the last trial, on the condition that he pay the fine, which he did. However, he was contacted     after, to appear before the military court on December 1 2015, a date which was later postponed to Dec 26 2015.(038)

  • On Tuesday, October 27, 2015, at around 5:00 a.m., a joint Israeli Force of Border Guards and Israeli Intelligence (estimated at 30 military vehicles according to eye witnesses) arrested player Abdullah Nabil Noah Da`ana, 23 years old and holder of ID#(204715031).
       The Force surrounded Abdullah’s house and arrested him under the pretext        of “throwing stones at Israeli soldiers". The force took Abdullah to the                detention center of Al-Masqubiyah (Russian Compound), where he was            charged with the above accusation and sentenced to home detention for 5          days and the payment of a 1000 NIS (250 USD) fine.  

       Abdullah was released on Thursday October29, 2015 at 17h00. (039)

  • On Thursday, November 5, 2015, at around 16:30, An Israeli army soldier shot Shabab Al-Khalil FC’s Youth team player Hazem Jawad Azmi Al-Khatib, 16 years old, and holder of ID No.# (404720591). Hazem happened to be in Bab Al-Zawyeh, in Hebron, when clashes broke out. He was shot with live ammunition in his left foot, and stayed for 4 days under supervision in the Alia Hospital in Hebron (041)

  • On Tuesday, November 10, 2015, at around 1:30 p.m., an Israeli armed force (estimated by eye witnesses at 20 military vehicles and 150-200 soldiers) arrested the sport supervisor, and Board Member of Islami Qalqiliya Sports Club, Adnan Abdel Nasser Arafat Rabbi, 45 years old, and holder of ID #(946857653). 
       The force took Adnan from his house in Kfar Saba (inside Israel and close        to the Palestinian city of Qalqiliya), after blasting the doors, and messing          up the contents of the house. 

       Adnan was taken by force to Megiddo prison, and remains there without          trial, though he was informed he would be tried on November 18, 2015.            (40)


  • On Tuesday, November 10, 2015, at around 2:30 p.m., an Israeli army force (estimated at 30-40 soldiers by eye witnesses) arrested Islami Qalqiliya FC’s player, Obada Farah Rubin Samhan, 22 years old, and holder of ID# (853870376) from his house in Qalqiliya. After blasting the doors, messing up the house, confiscating computers and mobiles, Obada was forcefully taken to Al-Jalama prison, and a trial has been set on December 11, 2015 (44)

  • On Wednesday November 11, 2015, at around 15:30, an Israeli army force shot Thakafi Al-Bireh FC’s player Omar Akram Jobran Rjoub, 14 years old, and holder of ID # (406865998)

      Omar, also a player in the Joseph Blatter Academy, was shot in his left           leg during clashes with Israeli forces at the Beit El military post near                 Ramallah. He remained in hospital for 4 days. (042)


  •   On Sunday, November 12, 2015, at around 14.30, Israeli Army Forces fired tear gaz canisters in the premises of Al-Khadr Stadium, near the city of Bethlehem, during a match between Al-Bireh FC and Jabal Al-Mukabber FC, in the final round of the Semi-Professional League.

      The match was postponed due to the heavy levels of concentration of tear         gaz in the premises which was decided as life threatening to football players       (043)

  • On Thursday, November 19, 2015, at around 2:00 p.m., A joint Israeli army and intelligence force, (estimated at 6 military jeeps and 30 soldiers) arrested player Hussam Imad Theeb Qarakrah, 16 years old, and holder of ID No.# (405001157) . The force arrested Hussam from his house in Al-Balou’ neighborhood, in Al-Bireh.
       An intelligence officer, who identified himself as “Captain Yahiya”                   threatened Hussam that he’ll “wipe that smile off his face”. Hussam is still          in Ofer prison, near Beituniya. (045)

  • The Palestine FA submitted a permit request (Southern Governorates to Northern Governorates) for Mr. Ibrahim Abu Salim (PFA Vice President) on December 7, 2015. The Isareali DCO answer was an OK with the condition that Mr. Abu Salim go through an interrogation at the Erez Checkpoint on the date of his entry (12/9/2015 at 9h00 a.m). Mr. Abu Salim waited at the Erez checkpoint from 9h00 until 11h00 a.m, only to be informed that he is being turned back to Gaza and denied entry, without any explanation.
       It maybe worth mentioning that Mr. Abu Salim has been moving between          Gaza and the West Bank without issues until this incident.


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